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UK CBD – Novel Foods in full force


UK CBD law is changing…If you’ve been following our updates, something big has been afoot. The entire UK CBD industry has been waiting to find out how the new Novel Foods legislation will affect your favourite products.This legislation came into effect on the 31st March 2021. We have been preparing for this change. We know […]

Another year, another hemp licence

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As many of you may remember, in July 2019 the licence here at Path Hill Farm to grow hemp was revoked by the Home Office. This led to the destruction of a crop worth £200k. We were faced with a decision: to grow or not to grow? Since then, we have continued partnering with farmers […]

Growing hemp at Hempen in 2020

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And now, in other non-virus-related news… You may have seen our news from July 2019 about losing our ability to grow hemp. Since then, lots of you have been keen for an update, asking us whether we’ve got our licence to grow hemp back. Well, it’s been rather a long and complex process of legal […]

Hemp Crop Destruction July 2019

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Watch our video below of the July 2019 Hemp Crop Destruction, as our licence was revoked by the Home Office. To read more about our story, check our blog Hemp Licencing. Overgrow the regime. Join the Grow Hemp Campaign to Overgrow the Hemp Licensing Regime. https://www.hempen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Insta_Tractor_Donate_FINAL-v3.mp4#t=1 Crop Destruction Video July 2019

£2.4 million in lost potential from hemp

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You may have seen our story on the BBC News website yesterday. Its headline shares a figure of our estimated financial loss, just from the retail sales we could have generated from the hemp seed alone, as hemp seed oil and hemp protein powder: “UK hemp farm could lose £200,00 in crop destruction” That is […]

Always forward

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Standing knee deep in a sea of slender serrated leaves, the occasional poppy head or daisy gently tapping at the swaying hemp stems, it was difficult to process the news that the Home Office had decided to revoke the licence for us to grow hemp for our home farm in Oxfordshire. After legal advice and […]

Home Office revokes hemp growing license from leading UK hemp and CBD grower

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Sad news at Hempen today…we have had our license to grow hemp revoked. This is an unexpected piece of news, that has understandably sent ripples of shock and sadness throughout our lovely community. It also means that, to stay on the right side of the law (as we always want to do – our livelihoods […]