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Campaign to Grow Hemp

The hemp licensing regime is not fit for purpose and is stifling the green economy, British farming and public health.

We are calling for an end to the industrial hemp licensing regime.

Everyone should be able to grow hemp freely.

The licensing regime has no public benefit, and it should be scrapped. If the government fails to act, then we will all have no choice but to come together to grow hemp without their permission, rendering their licensing regime redundant.

If you are interested in growing hemp without a licence or supporting others to grow hemp, then message us on

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Hemp Licencing Crop Destruction. UK Hemp.
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On the 16th July 2019, we had our hemp licence revoked for producing CBD from the hemp flowers. The UK hemp industry is lagging behind, with mounting concerns towards the hemp licensing regime. It’s time the hemp licensing regime was scrapped and if the government wonโ€™t do that then hemp growers will have to go ahead and grow hemp without permission from the Home Office.
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Hempen requires more hemp production than the Home Office is willing to dish out. We have adapted our business to every request made by their licensing regime.
Yet itโ€™s still not enough.
We actively encourage you to build your own connection with the hemp plant and grow at home.
We invite you to join this campaign, support it and help create a future where we can all access hemp freely.
Beautiful feild of hemp growing in South Oxfordshire.
Read more in our blog here – Hemp Licensing. Overgrow the Regime. Watch the full video of the July 2019 crop destruction as our licence was revoked by the Home Office.

Please share your support for this campaign, to build up the pressure! Post your stories of why you think hemp should be accessible to all, or how hemp as already helped your life journey. Together we are a movement. #OvergrowTheRegime


At Hempen, we believe hemp to be the most important plant on earth. It promotes many, very different uses that promote a more sustainable world, which is coming ever closer to breaking point.

We are on a mission to โ€˜Co-operatively cultivate hemp solutions that enhance the health of people, community and planet.โ€™

Our vision is for a better world, where the full potential of hemp can be readily accessed by all forms of life.

The UK has been slow to take up the great opportunity that hemp provides our species, we are stunted without this plant being freely accessible and useable. As a social enterprise and not-for-profit, Hempenโ€™s profits go towards increasing hemp cultivation in the UK because we believe in the power of hemp.

We are a not for profit worker’s co-operative. To make a DONATION to the campaign and Hempen, click HERE.

why is it important to grow hemp?

Grow Hemp for so many reasons
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Hemp Captures More Carbon Than Forests – Industrial hemp soaks up in between 8 to 15 lots of carbon dioxide per hectare of growing, while woodlands commonly record 2 to 6 lots of carbon dioxide per hectare each year. Hemp is an ideal carbon sink! One hectare of industrial hemp has been recorded to absorb 22 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. Proving, hemp is the most efficient annual plant for carbon sequestering.


Building Soil – Hemp can grow perfectly when cultivated using organic practices, therefore does not require altering or agrochemicals. Industrial hemp can actually remove toxins from the soil. Bioremediation essentially means using living things to heal the soil, allowing us to clean and reclaim some of the most polluted lands.

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Hempen Logo


Rotation Crop – hemp provides a useful break crop alternative to oil seed rape, which is becoming increasingly challenging to grow in the UK. Unfortunately, there are only about 20 licensed UK growers, totalling just 2,000 hectares.ย 


Food Sovereignty – Licences are regularly issued too late into the growing season for farmers. This year, licences were issued in February, which puts farmers at risk of having fields left bare and local suppliers without a food source too. Existing barriers should be dropped to free up the use of this plant for farmers and therefore for people to access hemp produce. We have a right to access one of the world’s most useful and powerful plants.ย 

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Hempen Logo


Social Justice in Farming –ย  People who have the right to access land in the UK often come from the similar backgrounds. Large pieces of land is often owned by a few, and unfortunately it’s systematically kept this way. Similarly, those who wish to gain a hemp licence need to tick many boxes and have a certain amount of farming background, creating barriers of access. In many countries, those who attain hemp licences are white and male, whilst cannabis laws on the whole never change. Farming hemp only opens up for the few again. There are ways we can ensure this doesn’t continue to happen in the UK. We are calling out for radical justice when speaking about hemp cultivation for the benefit of people, community and planet, as many should have the right to access hemp and all that it can offer us.

The Booming CBD Industry – CBD is a natural medicine which is easy to make, however it’s often manipulated to become synthetic and sold through big pharma not your local farmer (like ourselves). Creating monopolies on hemp growing, cultivation and production. A natural organic hemp plant when manipulated and mixed with other toxic ingredients moves far away from a powerful whole plant medicine, and therefore as a result ends up being not as effective.ย 

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Hempen Logo

Hemp for the Local Economy – The hemp used in the food and wellness industry could be grown in the UK. Local food is fresh and therefore more nutritious. Whilst supporting local producers, local economies and building a level of understanding of where food is coming from. This is real transparency, in the production of real food. Farm to fork, seed to shelf systems. Not to mention better for the environment with less travel required. Hemp could play a key role in the post-petroleum transition plan.ย 

ย Organic Hemp – Hemp does not require pesticides to grow strong and well. Most of our hemp for consumption comes from outside the UK, where there are less food laws protecting the quality. We are certified organic by Soil Association and 98.6% of our customers would prefer to buy their organic CBD grown and produced in the UK! With demand for organic produce increasing, many have stated that they are organic without demonstrating high safety and quality standards without organic certification. Eating organic produce can ensure your health and wellbeing, boosting your immune system, especially now it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle.

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Overgrow The Regime Hempen Event

campaign events

We hosted our first event, Overgrow the Regime, 1st-3rd October 2021.

This is a networking, informative, co-creating DIY rallying moment for the Grow Hemp Campaign, itโ€™s also a social gathering for us to connect as part of the green movement.ย 

Get involved with the campaign to be at the next one!


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