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Hempen Customer Loyalty Scheme

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Earn, redeem and even gift loyalty points to others

Here at Hempen, we want to reward you – our loyal customers for supporting our business. 

We have set up an online loyalty scheme to benefit you. It’s quick and easy to register for an account and the points accumulate from your first order*.

Read more below on how our customer loyalty scheme works….

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*  You will need to ensure you have completed the registration first and then log back into your account on the Hempen website before you complete your order(s) for the points to start accumulating.

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How Hempen's Customer Loyalty Scheme Works

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Once you have registered with an account on our website, every order you place will automatically earn you loyalty points.

Show Me The Money

So what does it all add up to? What are these points worth in cold hard cash?

100 POINTS = £5

Spend £100 with us and get 100 points, which means £5 off your next order or even better, save up over time and redeem or gift once you have accrued a nice sum!

What’s The Catch

There is only one limit in our Customer Loyalty Scheme and that is that your cart value needs to be at least £36 in order to redeem any points on your order.

Points Sharing

Customers registered with an online account can convert their accrued points into a coupon to gift to a friend or loved one.  Isn’t that a cute little way to share the Hempen love?

Leave us a Review

Get an extra 50 points when you leave us a review on any product you have purchased.

Extra Points

Earn 250 points for referring a friend to register with an online account.

AND … A further 250 points when that friend makes their first order online.

That’s FREE points for you worth £25!


Points are not awarded on purchases for any events or donations made on the website.

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That means YOU!

Hempen are incredibly appreciative of all the support we get from our lovely customers, so we wanted to ensure we could give back too.

Our customer loyalty points scheme was set up to show how grateful we are by offering you, our loyal customers, a way to collect loyalty points that you can redeem against future orders or even gift to a friend.

You can still purchase on our website using a guest login to pay for your products, but with points on offer, why not save yourself (or a friend) a little bit off  the next order you place by registering for an online account.

We figured, if Hempen gains, you should gain too, and that’s what really counts.

Thank you for your support. We cannot wait to see you redeeming or gifting your well deserved loyalty scheme points soon.

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