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Future-proof your farm by building healthier soils with hemp.

Cultivating a hemp renaissance across the British Isles & abroad to improve soil health, increase biodiversity and sequester carbon.

Growing a new crop can feel like a risky biscuit, but with the right help, incorporating hemp into your rotation can bring many benefits. 

Contact growing@hempen.co.uk for more information.

Hemp Consultancy
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Hempen Consultancy Service
  • Agronomy
  • Home Office licence applications
  • Seed varieties and supply
  • Harvesting
  • Processing seed
  • Help finding buyers for your harvest
  • White labelling and product formulation and manufacture
  • Navigating industry trends e.g. Novel foods directive
  • Co-operative business development
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Hemp is a summer crop, typically sown in May and harvested in late September. The yields vary, we can inform you of how to mitigate risks, we can assure you of a route to market.

Productive Break Crop

Hemp may require slightly more fertility than oil seed rape, but the vigorous growth means it leaves channels for the roots of the following crop to use to access water and nutrients from deeper in the soil.

Additional Revenue Stream

Hemp commands a high price, and so the challenge is to see how far we can boost the yield. We can help you to balance your soil to increase yield whilst maintaining quality, based on the groundbreaking and often sidelined work of William Albrecht and Neal Kinsey. 

Increased Diversity

Hemp forms mycorrhizal associations and boosts soil fungi. The flowers are also very popular with pollinators. The Nova institute ranks hemp seed and fibre varieties in the top 5 most ‘biodiversity friendly’ crops.

Carbon Capture

In ideal conditions fibre varieties can grow up to 4 meters in 100 days, locking up more C02 than equivalent sustainably managed woodland. It looks like carbon credits are here to stay, we have connections with the carbon market and can help to connect you so you are in control.

Seed Varieties

The seeds produce a quality, high protein food – the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 is the ideal ratio of 1:3, as good if not better than found in oily fish. Grow hemp for our brains!

Fibre Varieties

Do you want to build eco-houses and buildings on your farm/estate? We have consulted and continue to consult with a number of farms who are growing hemp to turn into building materials for their own beautiful carbon negative buildings. 


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Hempen event on-site in our open field, farmers explaining how to grow hemp
Hempen sowing seeds on the organic Hardwick Estate
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Whether you’re an experienced farmer, new to hemp, or are even new to farming more broadly, our hemp consultancy can help with every aspect of your operations, from growing and agronomy to licensing, processing and sales.

We tailor every project to the specific needs of our clients, so we can work with you to develop your knowledge and expertise in a way that works for your business.

Send an email to growing@hempen.co.uk


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Hemp Agronomy



As a leading UK hemp producer, Hempen are pioneers in hemp cultivation in the UK. We developed the market in growing and processing fully seed-to-shelf, UK-grown organic hemp products since we grew our first field of hemp in 2015. Since then, we’ve been collaborating and supporting hemp growers all over the UK, Europe and beyond.  

We work with experts in soil health and hemp growers in the US, constantly learning and implementing methods that can boost plant health and yield whilst maintaining quality. Our consultancy is based on the work of the late William Albrecht at Missouri University in the 1930s and 40s, later adapted by Neal Kinsey in ‘The Ideal Soil, A Handbook for the New Agriculture’. This approach to soil health takes a diagnostic approach to soil chemistry, biology and physics. In short, the goal is to balance the base saturation and trace elements, boost biology and reduce compaction. This approach has been used to great effect all over the world and can be applied within the regulations of Soil Association Organic farming.

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