Growing Solidarity

Growing Solidarity is a project offering access to land, resources and the opportunity for skill-sharing to more marginalised members of our local community.

Covid-19 Update

Before the COVID-19 crisis, we were regularly hosting members of the Reading Refugee Support Group community at the farm. Members of the community could have a break and reconnect with nature, grow food, and just simply hang out in a different place with different people. 

We are adapting to COVID-19 by running Growing Solidarity in the city…

We believe that the current crisis is highlighting the need for resilience and independence, every community should have the space to grow their own food and medicine. We are working with Reading Refugee Support Group to offer seeds, seedlings, soil, labour and ongoing support (including less-than-perfect workshops via zoom!) to help establish more food growing space in local migrant communities in Reading.

If you would like to know more about the project or are interested to get involved, email us at

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Growing Solidarity - seedlings in pots

Now more than ever, we need to build solidarity!

We are raising funds to support our work in the city during the crisis. We aim to continue this work in the city and at the farm as lockdown eases. Your donations go towards transport costs, and materials and a little goes a long way!

Growing Solidarity is a collaborative project that aims to build resilience in and across communities.

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The Project

Our well being and independence is greatly enhanced by having access to land on which to grow food, connect to nature and to one another.

With Hempen’s core values in mind, we are acting on our responsibility to stand together with communities who experience barriers to accessing land. In our own way, we are contributing to the growing network of organisations and collectives that are building resilience in and across communities.

We’re fortunate to be based on the beautiful Hardwick estate, with the space and resources to work with hemp. We base our work around principles and processes that are good for people, community and planet. As a co-operative, we are choosing to build sustainable livelihoods that can replace failing mainstream capitalist structures which benefit some while oppressing others.

Many people in society cannot make this choice, and are marginalised by these same structures and systems because of their class, race, gender or other aspects of their identity.

If you’d like to know more about the project, or are interested in getting involved, email us at

You can read about the four areas of our work here.
Read our blog here.

Growing Solidarity is based around four key areas:

Read more about the four areas of the project here.

We are committed to building on our existing connections with our local migrant communities in collaboration with Reading Refugee Support Group.  This work will grow as the project grows. Please help us to support our community by donating:

Alongside our Growing Solidarity project, we host other volunteering opportunities. If you’re interested in volunteering for a few days, or on a more regular basis, find out more here.