Although Hempen was manifested without much start-up capital, we did have lots of start-up love and effort from so many wonderful people! You folks help Hempen be what it is, thank you!

covid-19 update:

As lockdown measures continue to lift, we are carefully opening up volunteering opportunities at the farm. We are being hot on hygiene, and, for now, we are practicing social distancing with people visiting short-term. We also encourage folks to check-in with the people they are working with to ensure that people’s space and safety is respected.

For more information on this, you can find out COVID-19 guidance here.

Feel free to email volunteer@hempen.co.uk for the latest updates on this.

Hempen is dedicated to offering wide-ranging opportunities to volunteer in and across communities. The work we do is varied, collaborative and social. We offer regular volunteering opportunities for people living locally and short term residential volunteering for people living further afield.

We want to make our farm as inclusive as possible. Please let us know if there are things we can do to help you access the site and participate fully in the community.

Have any questions?
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If you have any additional questions regarding volunteering, please don’t hesitate to ask at volunteering@hempen.co.uk.

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We are excited to learn a little about you, and work out how you might best get involved when you visit.

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hemp on our farm...

If you are visiting this page, you probably think that hemp is fantastic. We agree. At Hempen we offer a Consultancy Service to help other farms grow hemp though we are not currenlty growing on our site. We are now processing a lot of hemp! For more details read our growing update in our blog.  

For now we cannot offer opportunities to work with the plant in the field but the farm is still a hive of activity: making, growing food, fixing, community cooking…and much more!