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Our Blog content aims to inform and support users to understand more about the Hempen business, why we are Organic, our CBD range of products, our Hemp range of products and industry news relating to Hemp and CBD.

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CBD for Winter

CBD for Winter – How CBD could help you through the season

Why CBD for Winter? We believe CBD can aid wellbeing at any time of year, but we wanted to share some ways CBD could help …

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CBD Cold Pressed 1500mg on bedside table in wooden dish

What is CBD and Should I Take It?

Cannabidiol (CBD) comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and applications. From droppers to topical application or edibles. We’ve compiled all you need to know, …

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Hemp Protein Powder- use plant protein to build muscle

How much protein do I need to build muscle?

Have you ever asked yourself the question: How much protein do I need to build muscle? Well, you certainly asked the internet, but you probably …

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CBD and Covid-19

CBD and Covid-19, what’s the link? Articles are doing the rounds across the internet, including some very interesting ‘clickbate’ titles with salacious wording. Most seem …

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About Hempen

Hemp Licensing. Overgrow the regime.

On the 16th July 2019, we had our hemp licence revoked for producing CBD from the hemp flowers. The UK hemp industry is lagging behind, …

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IMG 7487

What is a CBD tincture?

When asked “Have you tried a CBD tincture before?” 67% of people said they hadn’t but are curious. With the demand for CBD increasing, so …

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About Hempen

UK Hemp Farm and Co-operative

Hempen Organic is a UK hemp farm that is set up as a worker co-operative. This means that the employees run the co-op, the workforce …

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Microdosing and CBD Dosage

Starting a new product can sometimes feel daunting, even overwhelming. What strength should I start with? How much should I be taking? Here we explain …

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CBD Serum rub into temple - no product in shot

Using CBD for skin care as part of your routine

One of our all-time favourite products, and best product when used when applying CBD for skin care, is our Organic CBD Coconut Oil. Its is …

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UK CBD – Novel Foods in full force

UK CBD law is changing…If you’ve been following our updates, something big has been afoot. The entire UK CBD industry has been waiting to find …

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About Hempen

Use hemp in your own garden!

Here at the farm, we are BIG fans of compost! And we are always looking for ways to sneak hemp into lives in any way. …

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David and Goliath: What’s going on with CBD?!

You’ve probably read some of our posts over the past year relating to the pending Novel Foods legislation. UK CBD is about to change. What’s …

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