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UK CBD – Novel Foods in full force

UK CBD law is changing…

If you’ve been following our updates, something big has been afoot. The entire UK CBD industry has been waiting to find out how the new Novel Foods legislation will affect your favourite products.

This legislation came into effect on the 31st March 2021. We have been preparing for this change. We know it’s not only a confusing process, but a difficult one.

As of the 1st April, we are no longer allowed to sell our CBD Oils as ingestible products. Neither a food nor food supplements.

To explain the situation, here is a message from Zena, our Production Coordinator and Co-operative Member. She also happens to be a regulation compliance extraordinaire…

Novel Foods applies to new foods. This is usually applied to processed foods or foods that have not been eaten by humans in the UK or European area before 1997.

From the 1st April, all of our CBD products are going to be sold as cosmetics. This is because the EU and UK Food Standards Agency have listed CBD Oil as a Novel Food.

This means that as a cosmetic rather than a food, we can only instruct and advertise our CBD products as cosmetics.

Things will be a bit different on our website. The CBD Oils will be cosmetics, rather than food supplements.

Despite all these challenges, our Organic CBD Oils are still high quality, organic and ethically produced hemp extracts you know and love!

We are part of a wider movement. We want to free up the use of hemp as a key UK agricultural crop. And we will continue to believe in hemp as a solution to many of today’s challenges.

As ever, if you have any questions or concerns, give us a call or drop us an email on shop@hempen.co.uk

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