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£2.4 million in lost potential from hemp

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You may have seen our story on the BBC News website yesterday. Its headline shares a figure of our estimated financial loss, just from the retail sales we could have generated from the hemp seed alone, as hemp seed oil and hemp protein powder:

That is a large figure, especially for a small business. But, it pales in comparison to our calculations of the potential revenue we could have generated, were we allowed to harvest the flowers of the plant. The 40 acres lost to us this week could have been transformed into £2.4 million as CBD at retail price, for a not-for-profit farming co-operative. Of this, £480,000 would have been tax for the UK government! 

Instead, the flowers are crushed, along with the hopes of other farmers around the UK of being able to harness the full economic and agronomic benefits of hemp. We’re developing our campaign to save UK CBD, and will keep you updated, to let you know how you can support us in our mission to free hemp for all.

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12 Responses

    1. What a complete and utter joke … Government supporting business my arse! Please publish your campaign plan soonest so that we can all support what clearly is a business that supports humanity. Fuck this makes me angry!!!!

  1. There is an inconsistency here. I don’t understand why it’s legal to import and distribute medicinal hemp products derived from hemp grown outside the uk but illegal to grow hemp for those same products. This smacks of someone leaning on the Home Office for their own commercial gain. Now I wonder which competitor that could be?

    If the appeal is successful does that mean the Home Office would have to compensate Hempen out of public funds for wantum destruction of their crop?

  2. This is very sad. What reason, if any, did the Home Office give? The fact that you can still import shows how ridiculous the situation is. The sooner we legalise and regulate the industry across the board the better. Thumbs up for being a cooperative.

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