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Winter Solstice

On the 21st December, the shortest day meets the longest night.

Winter Solstice is here! The trees are shaking off the last of their leaves and the garden heads into full hibernation mode.

We’re taking inspiration from the nature around us and easing into this reflective time with as many home comforts as possible.

We’ve been welcoming the winter months with open hearts and warming fires. We’re preserving food, organising the pantry and ensuring we’ve got all the nutrients we’ll need for the next few months.

No need to fear the darkness and cold!

What a wonderful opportunity to rest deeply and look within ourselves at all we’ve managed to overcome this year.

With hemp seeds scattered all over our Yuletide feasts, we give thanks to the harvests of the past few months.

Whether we see our loved ones online or around the table, we feel the presence of those around us and send them love, warmth and light.

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We celebrate the seasons especially as we want to be connected to the earth, in its cycles. In some ways, living so close to the land we are forced to notice to changing of the seasons more, and its feels right to celebrate the season change even more.

With each turn of the wheel in the year, we prepare for the year of growing ahead. We cannot miss the timing! The soil prepared, the fields ready, the sowing and the growing. The mulching and the yield. To the storing and the planning for the year ahead once again!

It’s especially great to come together, around the solstices, to remind us of community. The reason we do this all for.

We hope you have enjoyed our products this last year and all we have shared with you. Happy Winter Solstice and look forward to seeing some of you at the next solstice too!

We are letting go of 2020 with gratitude for its many, many lessons and look forward to 2021!

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