About CBD

What is CBD?

CBD is mainly produced into an oil, this is because in this form, it’s the most effective and direct way to administer it. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of over 100 active compounds in the cannabis plant. These compounds are called cannabinoids, and there are cannabinoid receptors all over the human body! Cannabinoids play a crucial role in regulating our physiology and mood. Cannabinoids are extracted from the green parts of the Cannabis plant (also known as hemp) using a variety of methods in processing. This extract is a thick paste, containing many powerful cannabinoids. The extract is then mixed with a carrier oil (in our case, our own UK grown organic hemp seed oil) to provide an easy method of delivering the cannabinoids. This is because the extract tends to be incredibly strong, often too strong to administer on its own. Infusing extract with oil, also allows us to create products of various strengths.

How does CBD work?

Like all cannabinoids, cannabidiol interacts with cannabinoid receptors in your brain and body. Specifically, it interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which plays a crucial role in regulating our mood, appetite, digestion, memory, sensitivity to pain, hormones, motivation, sleep, and much more. The ECS was only discovered in 1992 and is proving to be one of the most vital bodily systems! This is why scientific research is very new and ground-breaking. In fact, we have been using hemp since ancient times, and throughout history. So scientific studies are catching up to fully understand the benefits. There are now 10,000 research papers on CBD alone! Hence, why we are starting to see practitioners prescribing cannabis products.

What can I use CBD for?

We are not permitted to give any medical advice regarding the use of cannabidiol, so please read the information provided for each product in our online CBD shop. There is a wealth of information available online, but we recommend focusing on peer-reviewed scientific studies. Here, Examine.com has analysed 112 peer-reviewed studies on CBD benefits, harms and unknowns (scroll down to the section called ‘Scientific Research on CBD)’. It is an American resource, so some advice is outside of UK law. Reviewing the research should give you a better idea of what has been proven and what is still in trial or anecdotal evidence. You will also be able to find more information on our blog, Facebook and Twitter as it develops. There are a few particular aliments that CBD is known to help with. This is because of how the CBD extracts interact and help the ECS. We suggest you start researching this as it’s fascinating, and this oil is helping so many. Project CBD is a great website to search different conditions and is linked to studies.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is perfectly legal in the UK, with no known side effects, and it is not addictive. The World Health Organisation believes that products with less than 0.2% THC are safe and should be de-scheduled from controlled substance lists across the world. Every batch of CBD we produce is lab tested to make sure we’re always meeting government regulations.

Is CBD safe?

CBD is safe to use, but if you take any prescription medication, check with your practitioner or GP because it can interact with some medicines.

Will it get me high? Does it have THC in it?

Nope! All our products contain less than 0.01% THC, which is the psychoactive substance found naturally in the cannabis plant. All of our products are made using “industrial hemp” – strains of the Cannabis sativa plant that are very low in THC (less than 0.01%) with no psychoactive (‘high’) effects.

How much CBD is a dose?

The most common advice, from people all around the world, not just us…is to start slowly. Even on any strength, just for the first few days, take a few drops and increase from there. Its turns out with this oil we are all different, taking different doses. Although, some research suggests particular strengths and doses for certain conditions as more study comes to light. Read more about Microdosing and Dosage here. This is the same advice for most new things you start to bring into your lifestyle. The body generally likes to feel something out, and this also allows you time to become comfortable with the oil, to then increase the dose if you need to.

Do Hemp and Cannabis contain CBD?

Cannabis is a plant species, Hemp is the type of Cannabis plant that is low in THC, containing CBD. All Cannabis plants contain the two main compounds CBD and THC that are referred to as married, as they always naturally appear together. Activating one another. We mostly refer to our products as hemp products, but also throw in the name cannabis sometimes! Sorry if it’s confusing! Cannabis, cannabinoids, Cannabidiol, all these names are linked see! Hemp is often called ‘industrial hemp’ as you can cultivate it for industry use, with its lower levels of THC requiring less need for strict government legislation. In this way, more hemp could be freely grown to meet the demand of all its uses. Though, we wish this was the case, as often this plant is misunderstood. Cannabis, both recreational and medical in use, can describe plants with stronger cannabinoid potencies, which can be used also therapeutically. It’s all cannabis, really!

Do you use CO2 Extraction or Alcohol Extraction?

Alcohol Extraction maintains the original whole chemical plant profile of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This method is also using more plants as we like to see it, as that’s the basis of alcohol. CBD can also be extracted using the CO2 extraction method using more intensive machinery, creating extract without some of the greener more plant like matter chlorophyll. Both are great methods of extraction, each bring incredible extract profiles. We often use both, depending on the extract we are considering at the time for different ranges. You can shop for CBD here.

Can I see your lab report?

We test our products with an independent third party laboratory. It’s been our mission to set the standard for the best practices in the industry, this way we can be certain of our results. We run tests to guarantee purity, content and strength of CBD as well as other valuable cannabinoids. Furthermore, we continually test our batches and can share lab reports with you on request. For more information, see here. With this said, there could be a way to regulate the CBD industry with standardised practices for testing. As we have put this practice into place since our beginning many years ago, there could be people like ourselves who are considered when new regulations are created at policy level. To create an industry that could thrive in creating products which ensure only the best, healthy, organic and tested products are on the market.

Can I give CBD to my pet?

We are unable to make any medical claims. Currently, the Veterinary Medicines Director in the UK considers veterinary products containing CBD to be medicine. Marketing any product for animals requires authorisation, which no CBD products in the UK have yet acquired. Currently, we are only at the early stages of scientific research on using cannabis products for pets. The American Veterinary Medical Association shares the research developing around CBD for pets here. We recommend doing your own research, and also speak to your veterinary practitioner for medical advice for your pet – they may know of the benefits of CBD. All mammals have an Endocannabinoid System just like us, which would suggest it might work somewhat similarly. We would love to hear your personal experiences! Send us an email at shop@hempen.co.uk

Can I take it when pregnant?

For many years we have said it’s your choice, and to do your own research on this, however recently more study is showing results. CBD seems to offer therapeutic benefits without the harmful side effects, where many are seeking a solution. CBD is linked to offering help with Nausea, Stress and Anxiety, which happen regularly with pregnancy.

Will CBD cause me to fail a drug test?

CBD is legal in the UK, our products undergo third party lab testing and so constituently contain the correct legal amount of compounds. It depends on what company you work for and what your job is, as different employers may test for different things. It’s best to ask your employer, show them our website or product and seek advice that way. We hope you can still try our products! You can request lab reports here.

Why is CBD oil in so many products?

Hemp is very versatile, in low strengths people are consuming cannabis extracts as a way to boost overall wellbeing. As part of a healthy diet. Whilst others are taking large amounts in the hope of answering a particular issue. This creates different types of hemp products. As studies continual to take place on CBD, more people are realising the benefits it possesses. Therefore, many companies add CBD to their product ranges. We advise you to always check the amount of CBD in a product before taking it, therefore we always add the CBD mg on our products, so you know how much you are taking. Don’t be fooled with a token amount, as it’s become popular ingredient.

What is Medical Cannabis?

Despite overwhelming support, medical cannabis is very rarely being prescribed through the NHS. Those who have access have to really campaign and fight for it. However, over 6,000 people are now prescribed medical cannabis through private health practices, meaning those who can afford it go first. We believe it didnt have to be this way, and yet potent medical cannabis is still set to be years away from reaching the NHS and the wider public. That’s why we strive to produce the best oil for health, as a not for profit, organically. And, we campaign for hemp to be a solution for all, we want a world where the benefits of hemp can be felt by all walks of life. Positioning hemp in these types of funnels, controls the hemp plant and removes access for many of the people that really need it.

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

We prefer to say what is the difference between hemp and cannabis. Marijuana is a popular term in the USA, unfortunately it has some history as a derogatory term also. This discussion plays a controversial role in cannabis culture. Marijuana etymology was popularised by Harry J. Anslinger in the 1930s, during his campaigns ‘against the drug’, which demonise the plant. So we prefer again not to link to this. It’s even a belief that the name María Juana (‘Mary Jane’) has links!

I have more questions!

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