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Hempen Hemp Bag for Life

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Hempen Hemp Bag for Life

Our Hemp Bag is so strong it can carry everything and we love it! It’s a perfect to carry all our products, it even fits our Organic Hemp Seed Oil – Extra Virgin just perfectly! You’re welcome to re-use it over and over for every occasion, use your hemp bag with pride!

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Hempen Bag for Life - Small

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Our gorgeous hemp bag will hold shape well whilst also being malleable and gentle to the touch. The naturally woven handles add comfort and security whilst you’re travelling from place to place. We hope you enjoy using it!

‘Hempen’ is an old English word meaning ‘made from hemp’ so you can see why Hempen was the perfect name for us! If something is made of wool it’s woollen, if something is made of Hemp it’s Hempen! We know many of you have loved our badges in the past, so we are very excited to see people sharing the Hempen message out and about this way soon!

How hempy is it?

55% Natural Hemp and 45% Cotton & 100% PP Lining.

The laminate lining gives the bag its sturdy shape, whilst also ensuring the safe and clean carriage of groceries and drinks.

Will it last forever?

Hemp fabrics are best wiped clean with a warm damp cloth, using an all-natural detergent mild detergent if required. Natural fabrics from plants absorb and release compounds easily, so handwashing works just fine! Machine washing is not recommended as the loom state cloth is unlikely to be maintained during the wash.

Your hemp bag will soften over time, improving consistently over a long life. Hemp is a durable and long-lasting fabric, when cared for effectively by washing by hand. Avoid high heat, line drying hemp fabrics works best.

Although this is a Hempen Bag for Life, we cannot guarantee a particular lifetime.

Why choose hemp fabrics?

Hemp fabric is one of the strongest fibres out there (62% more durable than cotton), meaning your hemp bag will last you a very long time.

Hemp fibre has been used in rope making and as the canvas for ship sails for thousands of years. The historian Herodotus recorded that the Scythians wore clothes made of hemp, which were similar in quality to that of linen. However, in the 1980s a process was invented to soften hemp fabric, as its coarse nature was not seen as alluring for use in apparel.

The hemp plant is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, which is why it’s become one of the most useful and renewable crops to cultivate! Hemp is well known for its healing properties, yet its versatility as a product goes far beyond this and has even been used by car manufacturers for exterior bodywork.

Growing hemp doesn’t require any need for pesticides, it’s often grown using natural principles in harmony with nature.

How big is it?

Our hemp bag is 22cm x 26cm.

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Dimensions22 × 11 × 26 cm


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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 100+ Cannabinoid compounds present in each hemp plant. There are over 400+ compounds found in hemp plant varieties. CBD Oils have become so excited as they contain a lot of valuable nutrients. Full & Broad Spectrum CBD Oils mean you are gaining all the valuable compounds present and not just isolated CBD.

Recent studies have shown that Cannabinoids are naturally created by the human body, we even create CBD, working in harmony with our own internal Endocannabinoid System, close to our Immune and Nervous Systems. In fact, all mammals have an Endocannabinoid System. The function of the Endocannabinoid System is to bring the body into balance, officially called Homeostasis, as it acts as a cell-communication system all over the body. CBD works with our Endocannabinoid System, particularly supporting our stress responses, which are overly stimulated daily. This science is proving why lots of people use plant based CBD strong products to aid overall wellbeing and calming effects. 

Plants are here to support us when we need them. CBD products provide a natural and harmonious plant top-up to aid your mind and body, helping your Endocannabinoid System to function well.

You can find out more information about CBD here.

What can I use CBD for?

CBD rich products are soothing for the mind, heart, and body, bringing a sense of peace to your daily stress responses.

As herbalists, we cannot provide medical advice. Our CBD products promote health, stimulate your own healing, and we can consult when contacted via email at shop@hempen.co.uk or call us O1184 O5OO95.

CBD rich products are sold as ‘cosmetics’ and ‘food supplements’ we are restricted by not being able to give any medical advice regarding Cannabinoid benefits. There are many peer-reviewed studies into the myriad of benefits, this includes anxiety, inflammation, and epilepsy – though more research is needed. We recommend doing your own research online, we share some light on what CBD is here.

Do hemp products contain THC? Will it get me high?

Simply put, hemp is a variety of the Cannabis plant that has been bred to have negligible low levels of THC, which is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, the more psychoactive compound. Hemp cannot get you high.

Instead, CBD products made from hemp promote other natural beneficial compounds such as Cannabinoids, one being CBD, that are really good for your health. The flower is pressed or extracted into a valuable CBD rich oil with immunity boosting, and calming properties to name but a few. We also mill the stem into a relaxing tea.

Hemp products made from the seeds such as the Whole Hemp Seeds, Hemp Protein Powder and Hemp Oil contain hardly any, trace amounts, of Cannabinoids, however are a superfood in their own right. The mighty seeds contain all the essential amino acids your body needs and does not produce! 

UK regulations permit only strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant that are very low in THC (less than 0.01% in products). This means you won’t feel any psychoactive effects, so that means none of our products will get you ‘high’. All our CBD products are independently lab tested to ensure the finest quality and to meet government regulations.

How are Hempen products made?

Hempen is a not-for-profit worker’s co-operative. Our profits are reinvested in our mission, not shareholder pockets, we are led by and owned by our workers.

We consult and partner with farmers across the British Isles to increase the cultivation of hemp. Based on the Hardwick Estate, our farm is part laboratory, part community, part homestead, part educational space, part wellbeing hub that continues to evolve and inspire. Nestled in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Oxfordshire, check out our Hempen Events to visit!

Our worker’s co-op produce and innovate organic products from hemp cosmetics and hemp based superfoods, on organic farmland certified by the Soil Association. 

Having control over the end-to-end process, from seed to shelf, means we can guarantee unparalleled quality of our products. They’ll always be produced from 100% organic hemp, non-GMO, free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals and synthetic cannabinoids, supporting UK & British Isles farmers.

Are your hemp and CBD products organic, vegan and/or gluten free?

Yes, yes and yes!

All of our food products are certified organic by the Soil Association. We believe food should be organic and nutritious, especially if you’re seeking products to improve your health.

Hemp is naturally vegan, we are a vegan brand, so all our products are too. In fact, hemp seeds and hemp oil are packed with essential fatty acids including the ‘golden ratio’ of omega 3,6 & 9 great for brain health, it’s the alternative to consuming fish! We use Hemp Seed Oil in all our CBD products. Hemp Seeds, are also a full protein. As we see it, the growth of hemp supports the growth of the vegan movement.

Hemp naturally does not contain gluten, therefore our products are gluten-free! The combine machinery is shared with other plant crops, even though it is cleaned we cannot guarantee use for coeliacs.

Can I come and see your farm?

Absolutely. We welcome volunteers all year round for anything from a day visit to one week with accommodation. Take a look at our volunteering page for more information, and to apply. Please note, we work Monday-Friday. Also check our Hempen Events for a visit!


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