Hemp Bags

We have carefully chosen some new additions to the Hempen shop…hemp bags! These items are also perfect as gifting options for friends and family.

All our bags contain hemp, cultivated using natural methods.

Why choose hemp fabrics?

One of the best things about using natural fibre products is that they contain no toxic plastic microfibres that end up leaking into our water supplies.

With hemp fabric your getting one of the strongest fibres too, which means it will last a long time. Its 62% more durable than cotton.

A process was invented to soften hemp fabric in the 1980’s as the coarse nature of the fabric made it not as aluuring for apparel. Nevertheless it is believed to be the first fiber used for human clothing, sacks, bags, ropes and canvas sails.

The hemp plant, has been growing on the planet for thousands of years. Its also one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, therefore its become one of the most useful and renewable crops to culivate! Hemp is most known for its healing properties, but it hasn’t always been like this.

Growing hemp doesnt require any need for pesticides, its often grown using natural principles in harmony with nature, meaning your fabric is toxin free too!

Will it last forever?

Hemp fabrics are best wiped clean with a warm damp cloth, using an all-natural detergent mild detergent if required. Natural fabrics from plants absorb and release compounds easily, so handwashing works just fine! Machine washing is not recommended as the loom state cloth is unlikely to be maintained during the wash.

Hemp will soften over time, improving consistently over a long life. Hemp is a durable and long-lasting fabric, when cared for by effectively washing by hand. Avoid high heat, therefore drying the hemp fabrics on the line works best.