Our Story

Hempen’s founder, Joe, had a vision to harness hemp’s potential, and create sustainable rural communities around it. In 2014, he convinced a friendly organic farmer on the Hardwick Estate in Oxfordshire of the agronomic benefits of the miraculous plant. The farmer agreed to sow an experimental crop, and the seeds of Hempen were planted.

The following year, Joe planted 27 acres on the same farm. With a bumper crop, he gathered a group of friends who shared his belief in the possibilities the plant offered. Hempen was formed as a worker co-operative in 2015, to grow ever-increasing acreages of hemp, and for the equitable, sustainable and ethical production of hemp products – for health & well-being, culinary and cosmetic use.

Today, along with the amount of hemp, we’re growing – in highly specialist knowledge and expertise, size, our network and reach. We’re grateful to have an incredible team of dedicated co-operative members and committed volunteers, who together help us realise our mission, and help as many people as possible use hemp for good. Thank you to all our wonderful customers and friends, who continue to support us.