About Us

Hempen are a Co-operative community made up of like-minded individuals, who all believe in the immense power of the hemp plant. Our holistic business model ensures we work together, achieving far more important aims than just profit; we actively support the well-being of our employees, volunteers and community. As well as our partner farms all across the UK, who we offer guidance to on everything from licensing to harvesting. We believe that an ethical world is possible. In fact, it’s right around the corner if we know which way to turn!

The Farm

We’ve been on our farm, located in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside and a part of the Hardwick Estate, since 2015. Although we’re not currently growing hemp on site, we’ve been collaborating with organic farmers who do since 2016. We help them grow and develop their crops, then they supply us with our seed-to-shelf UK organic hemp. Down on the farm, we lovingly craft the hemp plant into premium hemp and CBD products; for health & well-being, culinary and cosmetic use. As the first and leading UK-grown certified organic hemp farm, we’re always looking to pioneer new solutions. We believe in bringing you the highest quality hemp goods, by growing and producing our own products wherever possible. We’ve taken steps to ensure that what we do here is done with the lowest environmental impact and the greatest transparency. As well as being a co-operative, we’re also not-for-profit, which means we’re driven by our values – not our wallets. We live in harmony with the land; creating sustainable rural livelihoods, existing as a growing community of beautiful people and all working together towards our shared vision.

The Team

Over the years, many have contributed to build what Hempen is today. At Hempen; self-help, responsibility, equality and solidarity are our core values. We use consensus-based decision-making to ensure everyone’s voices are heard and that the direction we take reflects our values as a collective. We regularly meet to discuss day to day needs, plans for action and wider visions. From seed to soil, from plant to oil, all our workers are involved and valued as part of the co-operative. We have always been and always will be a worker’s co-operative. Those involved in the day to day running of the business are empowered to make the decisions that affect us all.

Patrick – Process and Legal

Sophia – Marketing Coordinator

Tom – Growing Coordinator

Sophe – Outreach and Volunteering Coordinator

Justine – Production Coordinator

Oliver – Finance Coordinator

Paul – Sales Warrior

All working alongside wonderful employees, volunteers and the wider community.
LEADER Programme Chilterns
The European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development