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UK Hemp Farm and Co-operative


Hempen Organic is a UK hemp farm that is set up as a worker co-operative. This means that the employees run the co-op, the workforce are also the members and directors. There are a few different types of co-ops! Last week we sat down with Hempen’s Marketing Coordinator, Sophia Lysaczenko and Hempen’s Primary Production Coordinator, […]

Social Justice in Farming

The Project In January, we launched the Growing Solidarity project. We are fortunate to have the means to be on bountiful land. On the farm we work, live and collectively grow organic food together. We recognise the importance of nature connection. Furthermore, we want to do what we can to provide the same access to others…to […]

Changes for the better…

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The world we share is rapidly changing. We are watching each day as more news of coronavirus (COVID-19) comes through. It’s the main point of conversation lately. It’s changing the way we live our everyday lives. The plans we made are gone, or on hold, just like that. But can we use this to make […]

Hempen – we’re open

In light of the quickly developing situation, we wanted to fill you in on what the new government advice means for Hempen. In common with most organisations dealing with the effects of COVID-19, Hempen is following government guidelines. Enacting additional hygiene and cleaning standards to our usual procedures. We are proactively working to minimise the […]

Managing morale with co-operative approaches

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Ever fancied working as a Tofu Morale Manager? It might not be the life dream you shared in circle time at primary school, and maybe it wasn’t what your career adviser suggested for work experience in your teens, but join the Twin Oaks Community Foods workers co-operative in Virginia, USA, and this job could be […]