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Safer Spaces Agreement

Core principles:

Non-violent behaviours

We agree not to use physical violence or carry weapons; make threats of physical violence; harass anyone by violating their dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, humiliating or offensive environment

Non-discriminatory behaviours

We agree not to discriminate against anyone because of their ethnicity, class, gender identity, sexuality, age, income, disability, immigration status, or belief.

Consideration for others

We agree not to have aggressive arguments on site; touch someone or enter their personal space without their consent.


We agree not to be intoxicated whilst working and not be intoxicated in a way that disconnects us from others or causes disruption when not working.

Providing safe and welcoming spaces is everyone’s responsibility.

What you can do:

We are all imperfect and ask of each other a willingness to continue to learn and to improve ourselves and our community from within. When looking at the actions of others we will try to assume goodwill and that we all want to be happy and to make Hempen a healthy place to live and work.