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Microdosing and CBD Dosage

Microdosing and CBD DosageStarting a new product can sometimes feel daunting, even overwhelming. What strength should I start with? How much should I be taking? Here we explain Microdosing and CBD Dosage…


There is a huge misconception that taking large doses at one time, means you will get more of the benefits, but that isn’t always the case! “Most people are surprised to learn that the therapeutic effects of cannabis can be achieved at dosages lower than those required to produce euphoria or impairment,” says Dr. Sulak. How much should I be taking? Microdosing is one of the best ways of introducing CBD into your system, but what exactly is it? ‘Microdosing’ is what it says on the tin! Taking very small amounts of CBD throughout the day on a continuous basis. It’s a great way to get a regular schedule, in order to see the real benefits it can offer. Microdosing is for everyone, from beginners to long-term lovers of CBD! As a beginner, microdosing will help you figure out the best dose for you. Ingesting CBD by microdosing can often help you find a perfect dosage over a few days. It will also allow you to distinguish the goodness of using CBD, from before using it. The microdosing technique is just as beneficial as it is for long-term lovers as our body can start to gain a tolerance and simply be used to its betterment, so by microdosing your system can re-establish itself and can get you back to optimal therapeutic range.

CBD Dosage

Here at Hempen, we advise you to start with 1-3 drops of our Organic CBD Oil for the first few days. By going slowly at first, you allow the body to be introduced to something new in a steady way. This also allows yourself some time to feel comfortable taking the oil. After a few days, if you feel like taking more, then start to increase your drops. With CBD is appears that everyone is different, and therefore will prefer their own time of day to take it, or differing amounts of drops at one time. It’s your CBD journey to explore to find out what dosage best suits you. If you find that you are taking many drops in one a day, then we advise you to consider getting a higher strength, so you end up taking less drops but a higher dose, which is also better value as we also want what’s best for your wallet. Microdosing can be a great stepping-stone, while you work out the best dose for you.
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Using CBD for skin care as part of your routine

CBD for Skin Care, CBD Coconut Oil

One of our all-time favourite products, and best product when used when applying CBD for skin care, is our Organic CBD Coconut Oil. Its is so loved for being endlessly versatile. Containing Broad Spectrum CBD extract infused into unpasteurised coconut oil. Simple and pure, with just three ingredients!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one moisturiser and CBD oil this one’s for you

What can I use it for?

Whatever you like! Coconut oil is an incredible resource for hydrating and soothing the skin. It even creates a barrier over the skin to protect it from external factors like temperature changes and air pollution. The skin absorbs it easily, and it smells great too! And remember just that, whatever you can do with coconut oil, you can do with CBD Coconut too! Just with extra, the added bonus properties.

By using only using organic ingredients, we ensure that our products are free of toxins or harmful chemicals. It’s important, when using CBD for skin care, to make sure they are clean and safe. Using virgin coconut oil also preserves the phytonutrients. So you’re getting as many benefits as we can squeeze into a jar!

CBD topical’s are often a cream, balm or salve acting as a base for the CBD, which is infused or added to it. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the industrial hemp plant, or cannabis sativa as it is also known. It is non-psychoactive and works by interacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). All mammals have an ECS and the human body even produces its own cannabinoids. You can even find CBD in breast milk!

Topical CBD products are all the rage because they offer us a great way to add CBD oil into our routines without ingesting it. The skin is the largest organ and our immediate connection to the outside environment, so it’s well worth looking after!

How do I use it?

You can use this product in exactly the same way as the earlier versions of this product, if you have bought it from us before! As it contains exactly the same ingredients.

When used as CBD for skin care, you could rub a little onto your temples at night. Or use it as a decadent moisturiser after a soothing bath.

If you have any specific aches or pains, try it out on those too. You could also go for our CBD Muscle Oil with added essential oils of ginger, rosemary and black pepper. Both these oils can be used for massage. 

What’s in it?

We believe that anything you put on your skin should be good enough to eat. That’s why you won’t find any chemicals or additives in this oil. Just pure coconut oil and at least 500mg organic CBD oil per jar. This product actually contains the broadest amount of cannabinoids that we offer, as its contains natural extract.

Our mission is to bring hemp-based solutions to people, community and planet. We are always striving to reduce our environmental impact. Especially when it comes to the packaging too! You can reuse your glass jar or recycle it along with the metal lid when you’re done.

Coconut oil is more solid in cooler temperatures so it might need to sit out the fridge for a while if you’re keeping it in there. You can refrigerate it once opened to make it last longer, but it will do just fine in a cupboard too. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight so it continues past the ‘best before’ date!

Didn’t you used to be able to eat it too?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, since the Novel Foods legislation came into effect at the end of March 2021, all our CBD must now be sold as cosmetics and not as food or food supplements.

We’re doing our best to keep bringing you the products you know and love. To keep up to date with all the new changes, follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter in the box at the foot of this page.

Here are our top tips for how to incorporate some self-care CBD time into your routine!

  1. Soften the coconut oil between your hands and rub a little on pressure points behind the ears or on your temples.

  2. In the bath or shower, rub the coconut oil over your skin for an easy boost of moisture.

  3. While your hair or beard is wet, massage a little coconut oil into the ends and let it dry. Coconut oil helps to trap the moisture into the hair!

  4. Keep a jar near to hand! Either on your desk so you can give your hands a treat throughout the day. Taking a few minutes to look away from the screen and have a stretch, as this is so important to our mental and physical wellbeing.

  5. Sharing is caring! A lot of people know about CBD… But a lot of people don’t! Let your loved ones in on the secret and spread the self-care spirit far and wide 😉 

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Why CBD helps with Anxiety

Anxious? Depressed? You might be suffering from capitalism

The title of this blog ‘Why CBD helps with anxiety’ is also the title of recently published research from the journal of Sociology, Health and Illness. It suggests, that society’s mental health crisis is strongly related to the capitalist system. We are living in a time when politics is often framed by polarising narratives that simplify and divide.

Where vital services such as hospitals and schools are being battered by austerity, where tech and social media tend towards sideline human-to-human connection, lengthening our working day and providing us with round-the-clock stressful media updates. All set to the backdrop of looming climate breakdown. (It is important to note that tech is also a huge enabler for many of us, affording vital and empowering possibilities for meaningful connection, creation and organising for people of all walks of life.) It’s a lot to take in, to say the least, and we would be remiss to not name the system that pulls the strings in which all of this takes place: capitalism.

Lots of different things affect how we feel. We can do a lot to help ourselves. But it is important to keep in our sight the larger forces at work

Feelings of anxiety and helplessness in society, are on the rise, and it is no wonder. Anxiety can be felt in the body as much as in the mind. It can be described by feelings of restlessness or panic, and difficulty making decisions, taking criticism, or taking risks. In our target-driven culture, where more value is put on our ability to produce than on our wellbeing, there can be little space left to notice and untangle our feelings, let alone, make steps to understand where they’re coming from or address them. 

The options available to tackle anxiety are wide-ranging. But pharmaceutical options bring side effects, while the suggestion of a “mindful minute” from your boss at the start of an 8-hour working day can feel tokenistic and a cynical attempt to improve economic performance. The wellbeing movement is soaring, with gong baths, yoga retreats and cacao ceremonies being an increasingly mainstream go-to for people feeling the need to duck out of their day-to-day. Meanwhile, more and more people are reconnecting with the power of plants to help them feel well.

CBD helps with anxiety

Ancient folk wisdom teaches us the benefits of integrating cannabidiol (CBD) into our lives, as a way to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. CBD, extracted from the flower of the hemp plant, works in a way very similar to the psychiatric option of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. CBD impacts the brain receptors responsible for our body’s response to anxiety, bringing your serotonin to a normal level. At Hempen, we’re constantly moved by our customers’ accounts of the impact that CBD has had on their wellbeing. 

But despite the many options we, as individuals, have at our disposal to treat our malaise. It is so important to remember, that mental illness is not a personal failure. We all live in the world. We all have to cope with all the things that happen in it. And we are all less in control of our lives than ever before. The psychiatrist Peadar O’Grady explains: “The term ‘anxiety’ is used particularly when the threat is not immediate or is unclear, but it is fear by another name”. Our wellbeing cannot be solved simply by us working to change ourselves. Beware of the many ways that wellness solutions can distract us from honest conversations about the system we live in and the anxiety that stems from its toxic roots. Capitalism is making us sick. A small example: how easy is it to find a place outside your home to sit down and catch up with a friend without having to buy a coffee or fork out for a venue? The monetisation of everything, including just being, is an inhibiting vice.

Some sound advice from @Emilyonlife

If you’re feeling low, struck by a sense of isolation or lack of meaning, it is ok. You’re not on your own. CBD can offer you effective relief. But it is not necessarily the elixir to solve all. We need to directly challenge the systems that pedal our problems – though being an important part of wellbeing practice for many of us, no amount of pills, pipettes, gongs or yoga mats will get at what is really going on. There is a stark gap between what we need as human beings and the conditions that we live in, under capitalism. It’s important to keep in mind that so many of us are raised to understand our value as being attached to how hard we work. And that this notion is convenient to productivity and profit.

Human beings need connection, they need safety and they need meaning. Luckily for us, this trio is highly compatible, if not fundamental, in what is needed to counteract the forces underpinning our unwell society. Stop to reflect on what actually brings you feelings of connection with others, a sense of security, a sense of meaning. Is it really ticking off a long to do list?  In her podcast, Krista Tippett explores “how settling inside ourselves right now, and kindness towards ourselves, are gifts to the world we want to make.”

Have a break. Get your body engaged. Sit down. Hang out with a tree. Do nothing for a bit, like Tom!

Also think about how your actions could feed into a bigger picture. What struggles can you offer your energy to? What resources can you give?  What perspectives could you bring to what gathering? You and your wellbeing are important. And so is the wellbeing of the people around you. A good balance is there for all of us, and for all us the balance is going to be different. Let’s stick together, look after ourselves and each other and join in the struggle for a better world. Collective organising and mutual aid is more powerful than the highest-strength CBD.

You are important and you have power .

Note: This blog was written a while back, before ‘coronavirus’ was a word we all knew. This moment we find ourselves in, provides a lens for reflection. How can we embrace lockdown and, the different forms of impact it is having on our lives. Maybe as an opportunity to connect with ourselves, and observe the experiences of our body, our mind, and our heart. At the same time, be curious to meet and navigate the bigger forces at work? How can we understand the interactions between our individual lives and the structures, both enabling and oppressive?