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Moisturise the NHS!

Moisturise the NHS! Hemp Moisturiser

After a recent stint in hospital (welcoming a new baby to his family and our community!), one of our crew noticed how dry the hands of maternity ward staff are becoming. A call was made to moisturise the NHS!

Current advice, by both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and our NHS is to wash our hands! Wash them frequently, and use sanitiser when out and about.

Soap has the power to wash away the microbes, whilst sanitiser directly kills microbes. Both are important ways to stop the transport and transfer of microbes in this crucial time. Solidarity can take many forms. One way, is to uphold high personal hygiene standards. Unfortunately, washing our hand a lot like this can take a toll on our skin. Often leaving our skin dry, sore and cracked. This, in its own way, can have negative impacts on our health.

Moisturising is an important full stop, in the hygiene process! We’ve noticed! Recently, we are making more of our Organic Hemp Seed Moisturising Oil… are you finding our moisturising oil helpful?

Why is our Organic Hemp Seed Moisturising Oil both Relaxing & Energising good for this…

  • Hemp seed oil is deeply moisturising and encourages new cell growth.
  • 100% natural, organic, and non-comedogenic, meaning that the oil allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t block the pores.
  • It contains vitamins A, D and E which help prevent premature ageing and skin disorders, by providing nourishment to all types of skin.
  • The unique essential fatty acids found only in hemp seed oil have therapeutic effects.
Hemp Moisturising Oil
Organic Hemp Moitsuring Oil

the nhs is a public service

Nowhere is hygiene more thorough, than among our frontline workers. When washing and sanitising your hands often around the clock on shift, it is safe yet irritating for the skin. NHS have to do this to treat patients, while minimising the spread of this virus.

We wholeheartedly believe that the NHS is a public service, not a charity. Our government have a duty  to properly fund this indispensable service. We worry, that recent public fundraisers to provide PPE for frontline workers, are needed only as a result of this woeful underfunding. While we do not accept this underfunding, we do recognise that as individuals and communities can try to fill the gaps.

Whilst clapping at 8pm on Thursdays are a great way to bring attention and show our support. We hope that the conversation around this continues. Clapping alone is not going to #SaveTheNHS!

We are inspired by mutual aid groups and volunteer networks working hard, up and down the country, to support vulnerable people. Likewise, we are dropping off over £350, worth of our Hemp Seed Moisturising Oil to Royal Berkshire Hospital local to us. To moisturise the NHS!

And in this spirit, we will also be offering NHS Staff one third off our moisturising oil or 15% off everything online. Thank you, NHS!

Email and send an image of your ID card to receive your own discount code. Your unique individual code will be valid for three months and reusable. 

NHS Staff
NHS Discount Offer

And for the most fun way to wash your hands see Wash Your Lyrics, to add you favourite lyrics!  

And for a more textbook option, see the NHS Page.

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