Growing Solidarity Four Areas

We offer space and resources for the communities we work with to create, share, rest and heal in ways that they choose:

Nature we are situated on a farm surrounded by biodiverse woodlands and meadows full of wild plants, fungus and animals, which are easily accessible for strolls, foraging, and more.

Growing space we offer both polytunnel and outdoor allotment space for self-directed, collaborative or facilitated growing projects.

Workshop – we offer space to design, build and share knowledge in our wood-working and metal-working space.

Gathering space we offer space available late Spring to early Autumn for groups to host meetings, workshops, talks, gatherings, celebrations…

We believe in the power of community to build resilience and resistance

Meet – the farm offers a place to meet, be together and form meaningful connections
around our commonalities and differences

Share – we value the knowledge that comes from sharing in and across communities
and cultures.  Collectively, we learn and grow

Connect – the rhythms of our day provide opportunity for communal activity in
different shapes and forms,

Organise – working with and alongside one another offers a way to further imagine, plan and build, a fairer way of living that benefits everyone

Transform this network will grow organically in all different directions, building bonds of trust through experiencing and integrating other people’s perspectives and spreading the values of solidarity, resistance and resilience

Handing down cultivate and develop knowledge and skills to pass on to future generations

Reaching out –  we join a wide network of organisations and collectives working to build alternatives. Hempen’s not-for-profit structure offers solid foundations, which support and facilitate community solidarity and resilience building

Self-care, healing and attention to the body and the spiritual dimension – all of this is now part of radical social justice struggles.
– Angela Davis, racial justice activist

We believe in the innate power of the natural world to teach, provide and heal:

A place to recharge and rest from the harsh demands of everyday life

Physical nourishment and healing
Resilience comes from growing foods and medicines that keep us and our communities healthy. With what we can grow and what we can forage, nature enables us to provide for ourselves, for our families and for our communities.

Emotional and spiritual nourishment and healing
Nature can heal. Connection to the natural world also supports our connection to ourselves and to each other. Which in turn can be extended into our communities, social structures, institutions and industries.

We stand on the shoulders of (and beside) Giants
We recognise the incredible work of the many movements locally and globally, past and present, from which we get our inspiration,
guidance and support. We are part of a web of activity striving for social and ecological justice.

Building a new world in the shell of the old
– Industrial Workers of the World

We live in a time of disconnection and fragmentation from each other and the natural world. We see building connection to ourselves, our communities and the land as a necessary stepping stone towards a better future. Growing Solidarity is a small step in this direction.

Land as an ally
We embrace land as our ally in a practical resistance that offers a replacement to the extractive and exploitative systems which prioritise profit over people. Our resistance is an alternative way of doing things within these current systems. 

Providing Space
We provide space and resources to stand in solidarity with those already resisting through no choice of their own.

We are committed to giving space to addressing broken lines of connection by facilitating access to the natural world and by facilitating access to land with autonomy around how it is used and for what purpose.

Part of a network
We join a vast web of organisations and collectives connecting struggles and solutions. 

Currently, we are committed to building on our existing connections with our local migrant communities. This work will grow as the project grows. Help us to support our community by donating...