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How can hemp seed oil help my health?

Organic Hemp Seed Oil pouring over food

UK-grown organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, oh how we’ve missed you! So luxurious, with your emerald tones, nutty flavour, and heaps of nutritional goodness. Omega oils galore! We hear your brains and muscles crying out with joy. Just in the nick of time to start training for that marathon… Where’s it been hiding? Hemp is […]

8 ways to support your wellbeing this winter!

What have you been doing to prepare for the season? Have you made changes at home? It’s time to support your winter wellbeing, and so we wanted to share what we have been up to at the farm… It’s a wonderful season! Furthermore, it’s exciting too, as we are welcoming our hemp seeds into our […]

Food Sovereignty Matters

Last Wednesday, the UK Agriculture Bill was debated in parliament. Despite an impressive campaign forged by the Landworkers’ Alliance and more than 5000 letters sent. The amendments seeking to recognise farming as a public service, and incentivise UK farming that is ecologically and socially sustainable, were defeated. We have a long way to go, it […]

Feeding the community well, together

We’re excited to be at the beautiful, community-powered Reading Town Meal this Saturday 28th September. We feel so lucky to be part of a vibrant web of local growers and producers. This event brings us all together to provide the fruit, veg and – in our case – delicious hemp goodies to feed the community. […]