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What is a CBD tincture?

 When asked “Have you tried a CBD tincture before?” 67% of people said they hadn’t but are curious. With the demand for CBD increasing, so is the demand for different CBD products.

What is a tincture?

According to Cambridge, the term ‘tincture’ simply means a medicine that consists of alcohol with small quantities of a drug. CBD Tinctures are just that!CBD extracts are extremely potent. It is then mixed with a liquid to dilute it, these liquids are known as ‘carriers’. There are various different carriers such as oil, vinegar and glycerin.CBD tinctures are extracts of CBD and other cannabinoids using alcohol, whilst CBD Oils are a solution of CBD. The combination of CBD extract with a high-proof alcohol creates a liquid CBD product. The alcohol gives it a great finish. Generally, alcohol-based tinctures have a longer shelf life but have a very bitter taste. Although some people prefer the bitter taste as its a sign of a good oil. Some makers will usually mix with vegetable glycerin or sweetener to give it some flavour!Because CBD when extracted contains high concentrations, dropper bottles are also very easy to use. An oil is an extract concentrate, blended into an oil, meaning you only need a drop or two at one time.We can’t sell raw leaf or flower matter in the UK, yet! So the most potent way to consume hemp is by using extractions sold as liquids.

What is the difference between CBD Oil and a CBD Tincture?

When people buy CBD for the first time it can often be so confusing as there is a lot on offer. CBD Oil or CBD Tincture, Dropper Bottles or CBD Coconut Oil. Where do you start?Essentially, CBD Oils can sell as CBD tinctures. This is because people associate the pipette with a dropper bottle to be a tincture style CBD Oil.You can also claim a CBD tincture for its ‘dropper style bottle’. However both CBD oils and tinctures use dropper bottles for regulating the amount of CBD you have throughout the day. Using drops is also the most effective way of getting CBD into your body in the fastest way. It is important to remember that each amount of dosage is individual to each person. The dark colour of the bottle blocks direct sunlight away from the CBD, so that it can retain its freshness and potency.If you see CBD Oil sold in clear glass, think again!A CBD tincture is specifically using alcohol extracts, whilst CBD Oil can use alcohol or the method of extraction is called ‘supercritical CO2’. The extraction process should be the main difference between CBD oil and a CBD tincture.The carrier oils used to make CBD Oils can be medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), Hemp Seed Oil or Coconut Oil.

The Benefits of CBD Tinctures:

Both methods of extraction are great, each bring incredible extract cannabinoid profiles. We often use both, depending on the extract we are considering at the time for different ranges. Alcohol Extraction maintains the original whole chemical plant profile of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This method is also using more plants as we like to see it, as that’s the basis of alcohol. CO2 extraction is another method to create CBD extract. This process requires intensive machinery, some see this as creating a cleaner extract, without some of the greener more plant like matter chlorophyll.Because CBD tinctures and oils are high in concentration each drop can be potent. This is also great for regulating the amount of CBD you will need throughout the day, as dosage is individual to each person. It is easier to consume drops throughout the day as the bottles are small enough to but in a bag or even your pocket.Some of our previous CBD products have been alcohol extracted though we have always called them CBD Oils. Currently our CBD Oil is CO2 extracted to create a more floral tasting Oil. Keep an eye out on our shop as we have more oils coming out soon!

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  1. Hi, l would just like to know how much oil is considered to be a “drop” ? Also is there a time when it would be more beneficial to take the oil e.g. with a meal or on an empty stomach?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Terry

      The strength of each bottle can differ, so it depends on the oil you are using. Divide the strength of CBD by the size of the bottle and how many drops per bottle, to work out the per drop amount. All our droppers state on the back how much CBD is in each drop for you. This way, you can work out how many mg of CBD you are taking regularly to work out the correct dosage amounts.

      Most people like to use CBD in the mornings along with all other vitamins. Some prefer an hour before bed in the case of helping them sleep. Others like to take a little throughout the day to calm nerves. It’s personal choice, a bit of trialling it out to see what best works for you.

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