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Microdosing and CBD Dosage

Starting a new product can sometimes feel daunting, even overwhelming. What strength should I start with? How much should I be taking? Here we explain Microdosing and CBD Dosage…


There is a huge misconception that taking large doses at one time, means you will get more of the benefits, but that isn’t always the case!“Most people are surprised to learn that the therapeutic effects of cannabis can be achieved at dosages lower than those required to produce euphoria or impairment,” says Dr. Sulak.How much should I be taking? Microdosing is one of the best ways of introducing CBD into your system, but what exactly is it?‘Microdosing’ is what it says on the tin! Taking very small amounts of CBD throughout the day on a continuous basis. It’s a great way to get a regular schedule, in order to see the real benefits it can offer. Microdosing is for everyone, from beginners to long-term lovers of CBD!As a beginner, microdosing will help you figure out the best dose for you. Ingesting CBD by microdosing can often help you find a perfect dosage over a few days. It will also allow you to distinguish the goodness of using CBD, from before using it. The microdosing technique is just as beneficial as it is for long-term lovers as our body can start to gain a tolerance and simply be used to its betterment, so by microdosing your system can re-establish itself and can get you back to optimal therapeutic range.

CBD Dosage

Here at Hempen, we advise you to start with 1-3 drops of our Organic CBD Oil for the first few days. By going slowly at first, you allow the body to be introduced to something new in a steady way. This also allows yourself some time to feel comfortable taking the oil. After a few days, if you feel like taking more, then start to increase your drops. With CBD is appears that everyone is different, and therefore will prefer their own time of day to take it, or differing amounts of drops at one time. It’s your CBD journey to explore to find out what dosage best suits you.If you find that you are taking many drops in one a day, then we advise you to consider getting a higher strength, so you end up taking less drops but a higher dose, which is also better value as we also want what’s best for your wallet.Microdosing can be a great stepping-stone, while you work out the best dose for you.

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