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Cannabis and Covid-19

Cannabis and Covid-19. Field of hemp with the sun setting behind.

Cannabis and Covid-19, what’s the link? Articles are doing the rounds across the internet, including some very interesting ‘clickbate’ titles with salacious wording. Most seem to have been created in haste by people who don’t actually understand the hemp plant.  Suggesting Cannabis could be the answer to all our Coronavirus problems might be a bit of a stretch, but at least its got people talking.

This all began on the 10th of January with a peer-reviewed study published in  The Journal of Natural Products. Proposing Cannabis compounds CBDA and CBGA ‘Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants’.

'Study finds Cannabis compounds prevent infection by Covid-19 virus'

At Hempen, we can’t give out medical advice or support these claims. However, we can help separate fact from fiction and provide you with the information from recent studies, so you can make up your own mind.

Full spectrum CBD Oil products contain a variety of compounds. CBD is often considered to be the strongest, which is why it’s used as an indicator of strength in an oil. Some companies choose not to value other compounds and only focus on the most popular one, CBD. The compounds which are now gaining attention are CBDA and CBGA, which are found in our Organic Cold Pressed CBD. Good thing we value all those compounds equally.

Heating or smoking cannabis, is not an efficient way of consuming these compounds. When heating or burning the plant, the CBDA and CBGA nutrients are lost. Therefore, companies that use solvent or heat in their oil extraction process will not contain CBDA or CBGA. These compounds are harnessed best through a cold pressed extraction method, using mechanical pressure to release the plant’s natural oils. 

Hempen Hand gently holding organic hemp plant

Can cannabis prevent covid-19?

The recent study does find that CBDA & CBGA found in full spectrum CBD Oils prevent Covid-19 and in particular new variants, though researchers suggest more studies are needed. Though this study is not the first of its kind, back in January 2021 a ‘study found cannabis may “tame” or reduce the severity of Covid-19’. In October 2021 researchers found ‘potential of Cannabidiol (CBD) in the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)’. Behind mounting evidence that cannabis regulates how our immune system responds in general with its innate ability to regulate homeostasis, a state of balance in the body.

Cannabis is a complex plant, with over 400 organic molecules or compounds of which around 100 are cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, CBDA & CBGA. All these compounds continue to prove their importance to our overall wellbeing. Yet, there’s still not enough research on the subject. Many papers have raised the point that ‘more studies are needed’ in order to be absolute on the scientific benefits of Cannabis.

So what does the science say in one of the more recent studies? ‘By increasing the bodies apelin levels, inflammation is reduced while oxygen levels are increased. Apelin works alongside the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor which controls blood pressure. ACE2 is the main way the Corona Virus enters human cells and disrupts their normal function. Covid-19 interrupts the natural relationship between ACE2 and apelin, by preventing the blood vessels from relaxing and hijacking the cells, in order to produce more of the virus. It is suspected that CBD oil helps to block the ACE2 receptor which the SARS-CoV-2 virus uses to gain access to human cells, before beginning to self-replicate.’ If what we already know of this plant is anything to go by, then we are hopeful and wait with bated breath.

These cannabinoid acids are abundant in hemp and in many hemp extracts,” said lead author Richard van Breemen of OSU’s Global Hemp Innovation Center.

The research so far is very promising. If you also take into account all the people who are currently taking CBD Oil and speak out of the incredible ways in which it’s helped them. We have to question why more research and credibility is not given to hemp and its effect on our bodies.

For this reason, we want full spectrum natural products to gain the recognition they deserve and protection in UK legislation and food standards, to stop the move towards synthetic, manipulated products. All our products are lab tested and certified organic by the Soil Association. We need top quality standards for clean food, water, air and soil to provide us with sustenance for a healthy life. We must be able to access the best that nature has to offer, especially in these trying times.

What is CBDA & CBGA?

When you are consuming raw hemp, you meet the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’ the aforementioned CBGA! Hemp tends to contain more CBGA than other cannabis strains, which have higher levels of THC. CBDA is actually one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in Cannabis.

The techy bit, CBGA is a more acidic form of cannabinoid, which is why mechanical pressure is needed to preserve the plant’s natural oils. Converting inactive compounds into active ones essentially unlocks the potential for your body to absorb it all. All whilst protecting the raw and delicate nutrients. CBGA is a critical building block in the formation of cannabinoids THCa, CBDa, CBCa, and CBG. There have been a number of studies sighting neuroprotective effects to its potential to treat acute nausea.

Organic hemp plant in the open field grown by Hempen

Hemp or Cannabis?

Hemp is a type of Cannabis, it’s just the low THC stain and currently what’s legal to consume in the UK. There are many strains of Cannabis and hemp, from all over the world.

Hemp is, essentially, a leafy green vegetable or, as we like to say, ‘an essential herb.’ It is loaded with protein, fibre, good fatty acids, iron, antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. For this reason, it’s an essential food source. 

The recent studies of compounds found in Cannabis are further arguments for moving beyond inhaling or burning Cannabis for its benefits. Instead, seeking new methods of processing the plant, for a more organic, raw nutrient rich way to enjoy what the plant can offer us.

The potential for all strains  of this plant seem unlimited, just held back by investment into studies and strict regulations that also delay research.

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Microdosing and CBD Dosage

Microdosing and CBD DosageStarting a new product can sometimes feel daunting, even overwhelming. What strength should I start with? How much should I be taking? Here we explain Microdosing and CBD Dosage…


There is a huge misconception that taking large doses at one time, means you will get more of the benefits, but that isn’t always the case! “Most people are surprised to learn that the therapeutic effects of cannabis can be achieved at dosages lower than those required to produce euphoria or impairment,” says Dr. Sulak. How much should I be taking? Microdosing is one of the best ways of introducing CBD into your system, but what exactly is it? ‘Microdosing’ is what it says on the tin! Taking very small amounts of CBD throughout the day on a continuous basis. It’s a great way to get a regular schedule, in order to see the real benefits it can offer. Microdosing is for everyone, from beginners to long-term lovers of CBD! As a beginner, microdosing will help you figure out the best dose for you. Ingesting CBD by microdosing can often help you find a perfect dosage over a few days. It will also allow you to distinguish the goodness of using CBD, from before using it. The microdosing technique is just as beneficial as it is for long-term lovers as our body can start to gain a tolerance and simply be used to its betterment, so by microdosing your system can re-establish itself and can get you back to optimal therapeutic range.

CBD Dosage

Here at Hempen, we advise you to start with 1-3 drops of our Organic CBD Oil for the first few days. By going slowly at first, you allow the body to be introduced to something new in a steady way. This also allows yourself some time to feel comfortable taking the oil. After a few days, if you feel like taking more, then start to increase your drops. With CBD is appears that everyone is different, and therefore will prefer their own time of day to take it, or differing amounts of drops at one time. It’s your CBD journey to explore to find out what dosage best suits you. If you find that you are taking many drops in one a day, then we advise you to consider getting a higher strength, so you end up taking less drops but a higher dose, which is also better value as we also want what’s best for your wallet. Microdosing can be a great stepping-stone, while you work out the best dose for you.
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Using CBD for skin care as part of your routine

CBD for Skin Care, CBD Coconut Oil

One of our all-time favourite products, and best product when used when applying CBD for skin care, is our Organic CBD Coconut Oil. Its is so loved for being endlessly versatile. Containing Broad Spectrum CBD extract infused into unpasteurised coconut oil. Simple and pure, with just three ingredients!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one moisturiser and CBD oil this one’s for you

What can I use it for?

Whatever you like! Coconut oil is an incredible resource for hydrating and soothing the skin. It even creates a barrier over the skin to protect it from external factors like temperature changes and air pollution. The skin absorbs it easily, and it smells great too! And remember just that, whatever you can do with coconut oil, you can do with CBD Coconut too! Just with extra, the added bonus properties.

By using only using organic ingredients, we ensure that our products are free of toxins or harmful chemicals. It’s important, when using CBD for skin care, to make sure they are clean and safe. Using virgin coconut oil also preserves the phytonutrients. So you’re getting as many benefits as we can squeeze into a jar!

CBD topical’s are often a cream, balm or salve acting as a base for the CBD, which is infused or added to it. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the industrial hemp plant, or cannabis sativa as it is also known. It is non-psychoactive and works by interacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). All mammals have an ECS and the human body even produces its own cannabinoids. You can even find CBD in breast milk!

Topical CBD products are all the rage because they offer us a great way to add CBD oil into our routines without ingesting it. The skin is the largest organ and our immediate connection to the outside environment, so it’s well worth looking after!

How do I use it?

You can use this product in exactly the same way as the earlier versions of this product, if you have bought it from us before! As it contains exactly the same ingredients.

When used as CBD for skin care, you could rub a little onto your temples at night. Or use it as a decadent moisturiser after a soothing bath.

If you have any specific aches or pains, try it out on those too. You could also go for our CBD Muscle Oil with added essential oils of ginger, rosemary and black pepper. Both these oils can be used for massage. 

What’s in it?

We believe that anything you put on your skin should be good enough to eat. That’s why you won’t find any chemicals or additives in this oil. Just pure coconut oil and at least 500mg organic CBD oil per jar. This product actually contains the broadest amount of cannabinoids that we offer, as its contains natural extract.

Our mission is to bring hemp-based solutions to people, community and planet. We are always striving to reduce our environmental impact. Especially when it comes to the packaging too! You can reuse your glass jar or recycle it along with the metal lid when you’re done.

Coconut oil is more solid in cooler temperatures so it might need to sit out the fridge for a while if you’re keeping it in there. You can refrigerate it once opened to make it last longer, but it will do just fine in a cupboard too. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight so it continues past the ‘best before’ date!

Didn’t you used to be able to eat it too?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, since the Novel Foods legislation came into effect at the end of March 2021, all our CBD must now be sold as cosmetics and not as food or food supplements.

We’re doing our best to keep bringing you the products you know and love. To keep up to date with all the new changes, follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter in the box at the foot of this page.

Here are our top tips for how to incorporate some self-care CBD time into your routine!

  1. Soften the coconut oil between your hands and rub a little on pressure points behind the ears or on your temples.

  2. In the bath or shower, rub the coconut oil over your skin for an easy boost of moisture.

  3. While your hair or beard is wet, massage a little coconut oil into the ends and let it dry. Coconut oil helps to trap the moisture into the hair!

  4. Keep a jar near to hand! Either on your desk so you can give your hands a treat throughout the day. Taking a few minutes to look away from the screen and have a stretch, as this is so important to our mental and physical wellbeing.

  5. Sharing is caring! A lot of people know about CBD… But a lot of people don’t! Let your loved ones in on the secret and spread the self-care spirit far and wide 😉 

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How can hemp seed oil help my health?

Hemp Seed Oil

UK-grown organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, oh how we’ve missed you!

So luxurious, with your emerald tones, nutty flavour, and heaps of nutritional goodness.

Omega oils galore! We hear your brains and muscles crying out with joy.

Just in the nick of time to start training for that marathon…

Where’s it been hiding?

Hemp is a relatively new crop in modern agriculture, even though it was one of the first crops cultivated by humans.

Somewhere along the way, we went from seeing the ease and versatility of this plant to losing sight of all the benefits it offers to the soil as well as the people.

Now we’re on a mission to bring it back! The health benefits of this wonderful seed just keep on coming. With a perfect balance of omega fatty acids, plus phytonutrients and vitamins, this oil is a must for anyone focusing on their nutritional health.

We are currently applying for a new licence to grow hemp on our farm*. Over the past year, we’ve been partnering with other farms across the UK to help them grow hemp all over the country.

We believe that cooperation and collaboration builds resilience. By supporting each other, we can build an ethical industry from the ground up!

Our organic cold-pressed oil is a deliciously simple way to consume hemp seeds.

Drizzle some over your warm meals, mix into a sauce for salads, or keep it pure as a tasty and vibrant dipping oil. What a treat to have in the kitchen!

Very few plants are as climate friendly as hemp. It’s a fantastic rotation crop, regenerating soils and trapping carbon from the atmosphere.

Hemp removes impurities from the soil, so it’s really important to buy organic. That way you know you’re getting all the benefits with none of the toxins!

We bring all our freshly harvested seeds back to the farm to be processed into products for you lovely folk.

How should I use it?

Hemp seed oil is affected by high temperatures so it’s best to avoid frying with it or overheating it. 

Did you know you can also apply this 100% pure hemp seed oil directly to your skin, hair and beard?

Our Hemp Seed Moisturising Oils have added fragrances (as well as one with CBD extract!).

You could even get creative and mix your favourite essential oils for a personalised scent.

All in all, this wonder oil is tasty, versatile and packed full of nutrients.

With a spoonful of hemp seed oil, you won’t need to help the medicine go down!



*Our licence was revoked in 2019 and we had to destroy our crop worth £200k:

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New Year Routine – top tips for 2021!

New Year Routine

Another year, presents a perfect time for a new year routine! It’s a time to step back, set intentions, look forward to the year ahead and witness all the possibilities that await us.

Is there anything you would like to improve about your lifestyle this year? Do you feel it’s time to update your routine? Which areas of your life could do with some more attention?

We’ve been thinking of a few ways to give new life to our CBD routine for the new year!

When should I take it?

Whenever feels right! Do you take CBD in the morning to start the day off or in the evening for a restful night’s sleep? Perhaps you prefer taking fewer drops more often throughout the day?

Try taking it at different times and see what suits you best!

Can I take more?

For those with more intense conditions, or with a higher tolerance to CBD or other cannabinoids, you might feel like you need to take more drops than the recommended dosage.

If so, take an extra drop when you feel you need it. This is called reactionary dosage. You can also increase your daily dose, which is called preventative dosage. 

Keep in mind that with a higher dose, you could feel more relaxed than usual! That’s why some folk prefer to take any larger doses of CBD in the afternoon or evening.

What strength should I take? 

Our most popular products are the REFINED Mellow Yellow 500mg & RAW Light 400mg. These are great starting points as the dosage is fairly low. That way you can move up to the higher strengths if you feel you need it.

If you find you’re taking lots of drops per day – or a few drops multiple times – you might want to explore a higher strength so that each drop is stronger.

Remember that when you move up in strength, the products become better value as you’ll be getting more CBD for your money!

What strengths do you have available? 

We have two ranges available: RAW and REFINED. The main difference is that the RAW CBD contains extra cannabinoids like CBG and CBDA with a more complete plant profile. They are also darker with a stronger taste.

The REFINED CBD is just that: refined! The CBD extract has been alcohol extracted and then purified, giving it a lighter colour and taste.

Which CBD Oil have you chosen? Have a look through our range and see if there’s something new you’d like to try out…

The RAW range comes in two strengths: the ‘Light’ RAW 400mg & ‘Original’ RAW 800mg

Our Refined range starts with Just Peachy 250mg and goes all the way up to our most powerful Red Spirit 2000mg. 

Just Peachy: Refined Organic CBD Oil 250mg Full Spectrum.

Each 10ml bottle of Organic CBD Oil 250mg contains approximately 200 drops, with roughly 1.25mg CBD per drop.

Mellow Yellow: Refined Organic CBD 500mg Full Spectrum.

Each 10ml bottle of Organic CBD Oil 500mg contains approximately 200 drops, with roughly 2.5mg CBD per drop.

Orange Zeal: Refined Organic CBD 1000mg Full Spectrum.

Each 10ml bottle of Organic CBD Oil 1000mg contains approximately 200 drops, with roughly 5mg CBD per drop.

Red Spirit: Refined Organic CBD 2000mg Full Spectrum.

Each 10ml bottle of Organic CBD Oil 2000mg contains approximately 200 drops, with roughly 10mg CBD per drop.

I don’t know where to start!

If you’re new to CBD or looking to try out different strengths before buying a bigger bottle, our self-care kits are for you!

The Self-Care Kit Beginner & Self-Care Kit Advanced both include a Coconut CBD as well as two mini dropper bottles.

They also make great gifts for anyone you know who might be interested in trying CBD for the first time. Or someone looking for that new year routine!

As you can see, hemp is a fascinating and complex plant with ever-growing research and immeasurable benefits to discover! 

It can be confusing to choose which CBD is right for you so we hope not to have lost you in all this information. We also hope you’ve found some useful tips to update your new year routine for 2021!

As always, we are very happy to hear from you if you have any questions! Get in touch via email at or on the phone at 07597 263702 

Wishing you a healthy and hempy new year from all the Crew!